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Our tuition services

A Plus Tutors Wirral offers a diverse range of tutoring services. We provide study programmes to prepare students in advance of taking the entrance exams for local secondary schools, including the Wirral CEM (11 Plus), Upton Hall and St Anselm's exams.

Our other main focus is in reinforcing learning in numeracy and literacy at Primary level and booster tuition for the national SATs taken at the end of Year 6. Other subjects and Secondary tutoring up to Year 8 can also be delivered if required.

All sessions are held at our premises in Saughall Massie. Tuition is held in a separate, furnished tutorial room with internet access and all necessary resources at hand. Sessions last for one hour duration.

Group or individual sessions

All of our study programmes are available as group or One to One sessions, although entrance exam tuition is usually run in small groups. We offer a personalised approach regardless of the type of session and every student gets an individual learning plan, personal learning file and access to all our resources.


Entrance exam tuition and other sessions in groups are £20 per hour session. One to One individual lessons are charged at between £25 and £30 per hour session depending on the requirements of the child and subject to be taught.

Sessions typically run in half-term blocks and fees are to be paid in advance for each block of lessons. Any exceptions to this will be advised by the tutor prior to commencing a course of study.

11 Plus and entrance exam tuition

We can help prepare your child for the entrance exams for any of Wirral’s 6 selective Secondary schools. Our study programmes are tailored to each individual and the specific requirements of the exam, or exams, that they wish to take.

We have developed 3 specific phases - an initial Baseline Assessment test, a Knowledge building phase in Year 4 and full exam preparation beginning in Year 5. Find out more.

Core subject tuition

Our core subject tuition aims to support National Curriculum learning within schools, boosting the confidence and knowledge of our students and ensuring that they have a complete understanding of the basic knowledge expected at each stage in their schooling. We also run SATs booster sessions to help prepare children for the tests they will take towards the end of Primary school. Find out more.

A student using a tablet during one of our lessons